10 MPH

The Segway has a special place in my heart, despite it being a weird little device that makes you look really silly while riding it, but man I want to try it. Anyway Dean Kamen has come up with some more variations of the Segway including one with a golf bag and one with huge tires for off roading. Makes me think of that commercial with the guy running around the trails on his invisible bike and then taking a face plant down a hill. Not sure if I want to take a Segway into the woods.

Well there is a guy who has taken a Segway from Seattle to Boston. And made a documentary about it. It is called 10 mph: Dreams: America: Livin’ it: Segway. I haven’t completely explored the site yet but there are some great pictures from across the country, and since I enjoy taking pictures all over the country I know I’m gonna like these.