2 Down…

The Red Sox did it again last night. They pulled out another win. Here in Vancouver I have been surprised by the amount of people here cheering for the Red Sox. Last night the group went out to The Keg (Actually a pretty high end steakhouse and bar) for dinner and the Red Sox Game. What a good time. Steak and Lobster and a Red Sox win. Awesome.

In honor of the Red Sox in The World Series I made trivia today all about Baseball with a heavy emphasis on the Red Sox and the Cardinals. Enjoy. (Mo you were too early playing the trivia, but you will be happy to know that I also got a crappy score today.)

It is my last night in Vancouver and all the rest of the specialists are leaving on Red Eye flights.

I just realized that I am an idiot. Had I also taken the Red Eye I would have had tomorrow off and Wednesday off instead of just taking Wednesday off. Oh well, I’ve been home too long that I’m out of practice with the whole travel thing. Not that being home has been a bad thing, not in any way. I can’t wait to get home.