A real post and an ad. Well mostly an ad.

25 Great-Tasting Flavors - Diets Sweetened with Splenda Yes, a real post from me. But why is there an image for the soda club, and why am I showing The Pacifier as one of the DVD’s for the weekly entertainment selections.

First The Soda Club. I just signed up as an affiliate for The Soda Club and I got an e-mail from Kristin in the Marketing Department of The Soda Club. I’ve never gotten a message from a real person who checked out this blog from an affiliate program. The reason that I know that Kristin checked out the blog was that she commented on how cute Bonnie and Clyde are. That was a really nice note I got from her. So now I am even more committed about getting the word out about The Soda Club.

Love soda?

Get a Soda-Club soda maker!

About the size of a coffeemaker and even easier to use, you’ll make fresh seltzer and soda at the touch of a button, with no clean-up. No more lugging, storing and recycling. Over 25 great-tasting flavors.

And why would I put The Pacifier up as a selection for weekly entertainment? The past two nights I stayed in Richardson, TX and the hotel had STARZ on the TV. STARZ was playing The Pacifier. AS cheesy as the movie was in the first place, it was even worse because the sound was not in synch at all with the action. It was like a bad Godzilla movie. And not that bad Godzilla movie. Heck I still have a T-Shirt in a Can from when that movie came out. I tied for find a website for T-Shirt vending machines, but could find nothing. I have two T-Shirts that came from vending machines in Can form. You could put your credit card in and get a T-shirt for about $15.00. I have the Godzilla one and one from Lost in Space. It was an interesting idea but apparently it never caught on.