A Roiling Sea of Humanity…

And me without a paddle to smack some folks upside the head. I have the uncanny ability to go anywhere at anytime and be next to the most whacked out folks ever. It happens at movie theaters, at the lunch line, and basically anywhere that I have no way out. And the Kenny Chesney Concert was no exception.

I was standing at the rail at the front of the lawn. Standing next to we was a woman who hadn’t seen a concert since 1976, and that is no exaggeration because she told me in a lengthy conversation she had with me. Then her friend came back and proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs for each sound and she would slam her ham hock of a forearm onto the fence with the sound and power of the Hammer of Thor.

She kept bumping me and smoking and the smoke would hit me right in the face. As we know, when a non-smoker is in the vicinity of a smoker they will experience the full effect of a lungful of smoke. So, I moved back to avoid the noxious cloud and she saw me and apologized. And to her credit she did try to avoid blowing it directly in my face. But then she had the plan to snag someone’s cowboy hat when they walked by.

This happened a little while later and drama ensued. Ham Hocks, and Toxic Cloud (Their tribal names) were joined by screaming Banshee and the Bansheenettes. They grabbed a couple of hats of some guys and the guys would turn around and talk with them and get their hats back. But then they did it to a group of girls. And they actually stole the hat. Event staff got involved and curses and swings were thrown. I just love my luck.

But eventually that died down and I my ears stopped bleeding from the Bansheenettes, and I was able to enjoy Kenny Chesney. I have to say that Kenny Chesney puts on a fantastic show. He played his hits and then had Uncle Kracker come back out and they did “When the Sun Goes Down” and “Drift Away”. They also did some other great songs and even “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” The last song they did was only with instruments but it was “Sweet Child of Mine” while Kenny signed autographs. All in all it was a good night and we had a great time with Jenn and Beth. Here are some photos from the parking lot.

The girls: Allison, Beth & Jen
The girls: Allison, Beth & Jen
Here's the crew tailgating before the concert
Here’s the crew tailgating before the concert
Allison and I
Allison and I
Allison's Boots
Allison’s Boots
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