Airport craziness in LAX…

So this morning I got up and lazed around the hotel room for a bit, headed down to get breakfast at 7:00am and then caught the shuttle over to LAX. Man what a busy place. As we were riding in I could see long, long, long lines at the US Air terminal, then we got the the American Airlines terminal and I got in went to the self service counter, checked my bag and headed over to the security line, Again a wicked long one. The next thing I know the woman checking the tickets shuffles me off to a bus that then proceeds to the Tom Bradley international terminal so that we can go through the security line there because it will be faster. Sure no problem faster is better especially in line at the airport. So we get to the Thomas Bradley International terminal, walk in like a string of ducklings and get through security and then onto another bus that brings us to the terminal. It was actually very smart and efficient, can’t believe that I found something like that at an airport. Who da thunk it!

So I finished Valhalla Rising and there was one part of the book where a scientist invents a way to teleport things, namely oil. The book really doesn’t go into the science behind the invention or the process however one thing about it I found very interesting. The telportation moves molecules and atoms and rebuilds them at another location, however when Dirk asks if that could be used on people the answer is a definitive no. And the reason is that despite being about to put your molecules back together there is no way to teleport your essence, your soul, your memories, your higher brain functions. You would essentially come out on the other end as fresh and new as a baby. No memory no nothing. That is a very interesting concept. Makes me think about how Star Trek got around the whole loss of all memories thing with their transporters.

So now Star Wars Episode III is out in theatres. There was a cartoon today from Shortpacked where the Character of Mike is walking up and down the line of people waiting for the movie to open with a one man band outfit playing songs and taunting all the folks in line about how Star Wars is complete and Star Trek is over and how all these geeks in line no longer have anything to look forward to in their lives. It is sad and funny and so frighteningly true. Many of the webcomics had somethign about Star Wars, Scott Kurtz of PVP set up his joke for today over 3 years ago. Pretty funny and great foresight. Read the next couple too.

Spent my flight from Dallas to Providence next to a young mother and a 3 month old baby girl. She was a very good baby ont he plane, some crying but I made funny faces and distracted her and made her smile. Brave mother taking a 3 month old by herself. Very brave soul.

Well I am back home now.

Here are some of the pictures I promised.

Post war blues from Chris Cotton & the Hokum 3’s at Cafe Boogaloo.

Another shot of the band. The drummer had the best expressions, constipated, pissed off, confused. That was about all of them. He was a good drummer though.

Book of matches, don’t worry I put it in the checked luggage, the skys are safe.