Angel is over

The WB closed its doors on the TV show Angel on Wednesday night. But the show left the door open for possible TV movies and or spin off series. Joss Whedon will be back on TV at some point but first it’s off to the stars to direct a Movie on his short lived show Firefly.

The movie will be called Serenity (name of the firefly class ship on the TV show Firefly named for the battle of Serenity, a pivotal battle in the lives of the main characters.)

But what of our brooding tormented vampire with a soul? The series finale wrapped up very nicely. My favorite moment was when the gang was given the day off to do whatever they wanted because it probably would be their last day alive. Spike goes to a roughneck bar and gets his liquor on, the viewer (at least this viewer is thinking he is here to start some trouble, William the Bloody likes his trouble.) But it turns out that this is a bar where they are having a poetry slam.

If you know your Buffyverse history you know that William the Bloody got his name because of how Bloody awful his poetry was. He was a sensitive soul before he was turned, now with 200 years of what he’s seen his poetry has definitely improved. Spike finally gets the acceptance of his art that he never got as a human. That was the best scene for me.

There were great lines and interesting plot twists, lots of nods to the past four seasons, characters hauled out for one more cameo, all were awesome to see. I will miss Angel and our Wednesday nights watching the show.

I guess it is time to find another smart and funny and entertaining show to occupy the void that has been left with the cancellation of this excellent hour of television.