All posts by Drew is about my life through photography. Each image is a gateway to a story about my daily life. Occasionally funny, inspiring, interesting or creative is real life in photos. With over 4200 consecutive days and many different cameras has documented images from the mundane to the amazing.

Pet Heaven has a great new resident…

Sophie, our beautiful, gentle and lovable mutt of 12 years has left us. Sophie was a great dog. She was very affectionate and loved people. She would be your friend for life if you gave her any attention or a good scratch on the belly or behind the ears. I remember her coming into our lives one Christmas. She was all paws and tummy. Her rib cage was so much bigger than the rest of her and she had huge paws. She eventually grew into both.

She loved riding in the car and would sit up on the seat and stare straight ahead like a person and when other cars came up alongside she would turn her head to look. She made more than one motorist smile at her quirkiness. This photo Tara found, makes me remember how gentle Sophie was, I could put my whole fist in her mouth and she never bit down hard, she loved to play.

Sophie had been in failing health for some time and until recently has kept her puppyish charm and energy. But more recently the advancing arthritis in her hind legs has made getting around and finding any comfort impossible. Last night we said our goodbyes to Sophie and pampered her with all those treats that one shouldn’t give a dog. But what the heck, wouldn’t you like a little feast on your last night?

We will all miss Sophie. I know that she has some friends already up in Pet Heaven who will make her comfortable. Dosh and Patchy and Rikki and Kip and Frasier will keep her company and show her around the place.

Pets enrich our lives, they sense our moods and provide companionship. If you are interested in a pet to brighten up your life please visit your local animal shelter, or petsmart. One last thing, take many pictures of your pets, they can bring back the most bittersweet memories.

Buffett at Fenway

So Jimmy Buffett is coming to Fenway. And the Fenway neighborhood has neutered any good natured parrothead partying. Thanks!

Well I for one am not paying upwards of $7.00 for a thimble of beer in the Fenway neighborhood. Generally, I’m not the biggest fan of the marble-mouthed mayor but he at least tried to get some tailgating areas for fans.

Fenway will be an interesting show, I don’t think it will be the Buffett show that we’ve come to know and love. But, hopefully fans won’t be as drunk as they were past years, mind you I have nothing about drunkenness, it is the beer muscles and temper tantrums that I have a problem with. I would hate to see a repeat of last year’s events with the bimbettes behind us and the events that ensued.

But I for one am holding out hope that Jimmy will announce a Great Woods Show, most likely after the Fenway show is all sold out. There is nothing scheduled for that weekend at Great Woods, so I’m holding on to hope. I was born to tailgate. How else could I get pictures like this.

Kinda makes you queasy, huh?