Back in Fresno

3+ years ago when I started this job I had my first account in Fresno, CA. I am now back here for a demonstration tomorrow. Last time I was here the airport was undergoing renovations. They are now complete and the Fresno airport is looking top notch. I ended up with a convertible Mustang too. One of the new ones. Sweet!

On the flight across the country I tore through my latest Dirk Pitt novel. Clive Cussler has once again woven a story of intrigue, wit and adventure. I’ve completed 400 pages so far and will finish the book on the return flight. The book is called Valhalla Rising and it is awesome.

There is a teaser trailer up for the Da Vinci Code. Nothing special about it but it is supposed to come out one year from tomorrow. A little early for a nothing trailer if you ask me. But if you want to see it for yourself, here it is.

Da Vinci Code Teaser Trailer