BBQ with Derek and Michelle. Stone Soup with Ellis

Today Allison and I took Allison’s friend Jenn to Michelle’s graduation party at Derek and Michelle’s house. Both Michelle and Derek did very well this year in their studies. Derek, an absolute knuckle dragging troglodyte, barely squeaked by on his doctoral classes with all A’s. Way to go Derek. And Michelle also did a fantastic job on her final grades.

The BBQ kicked off with Derek’s signature handiwork at the grill including homemade bratwurst marinated in beer and onions and sauerkraut. Also on the menu were hot dogs, burgers and kielbasa. Michelle made a delicious pot of baked beans.

Favorite quote from the Day. “I took in the Bratwurst and there is no other food outside.” Which was followed by Derek and I taking in the rest of the food, that wasn’t out there, and bringing it inside, where it already was.

Derek slaving away at the grill.

Grilling on a cold May day. However the rain held off.

Here’s the crowd enjoying the delectable spread.

Derek and Coco.

Mike and Derek and the creepy stare. They can hold that pose for hours. Creepy.

After the BBQ Allison, Jenn and I headed to Stone Soup to see Ellis Paul play. Yes we saw him two weeks in a row. And guess what he remembered us because I shook his hand at the end of the show and he said nice to see you again and then he said goodbye Allison. No pictures from the show this week. I hate taking pictures during the performance, especially flash photos. We were joined at the show by my mother Denise and sister Tara. Everyone enjoyed the show very much. Once again Ellis did a masterful performance.