Brushes with Fame, CDUB.

So last month Allison and I went to see Christopher Williams at the Lyons Den. After the show we both e-mailed him. Here’s what transpired.

I wrote:
Hi Christopher,
Last night my fiance, Allison, and I, and her friend attended your show at the Lyon’s Den at Wheaton. We were the three folks on the couch who were certainly not college students. We had a great time and enjoyed your show. It was nice to see you back up this way since we haven’t seen you since an outdoor concert in Arlington or the a New years show with Ellis at Club Passim. Anyway we missed you not being up and around here to go see your shows. Allison has been playing the new CD all day today I can garauntee it. Thanks for signing it. Anyway we had a great time and wanted to thank you. We keep a blog and you’re invited to visit it. It is Thanks for the great night. Congratulations on recently getting married, too.

Christopher wrote:
hey drew…thanks for your email and for grounding out that show at wheaton.i am glad there were some folks there closer to my age 🙂 and that were listening too! always nice to have that in a college gig. i hope that you and alsparky are doing well and that the wedding is coming together.thanks again for being at the show!! cw

Allison Wrote:
I just wanted to say that the show was great last night! It had been about two years since we had had the opportunity to see you, so last night was a great treat! I hope that you will continue to play some shows up in this area. And a big congratulations on touring with Jars Of Clay! What a great opportunity. If the show comes up this way my fiance and I will definately try to make it. The new CD is amazing! I’ve been listening to it all day! Thanks again for a great show last night!

Christopher wrote:
hello hello…thanks for your email. glad to hear that you are digging the new record!hopefully that is still the case?! i am a bit behind on my email so sorry for thedelay in responding…i am normally slow…but not this slow. been a bit of acrazy month to say the least!
anyhoo…thanks for coming to the show and again for the support!hope the wedding plans are going well! cw