Buffett at Fenway

Last night Allison and I attended the Jimmy Buffett concert at Fenway park. It was no Great Woods, but it was awesome none-the-less. Allison and I were joined by her parents Dan and Marcia, her friends Beth and Jen, then Richie, Gail, Dana, Debbie, Dave and Jen, and Aunt Sandy. We were in two sections: Allison, Beth, Jen, Dave, Jen and I were in Section 15 while Dan, Marcia, Aunt Sandy, Richie, Gail, Debbie and Dana were in section 26.

Although I had a post in my direct line of vision. Would it have been any other way? Honestly. I was still able to see both of the giant screens.

Jimmy played many of his old favorites and some of his new songs from the License to Chill album. But he played Southern Cross and so it was all good.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Brookline and during the walk home I was looking around at all the apartment buildings. In one building on the top floor there were some people who were watching the crowds disperse. And as I looked around for other folks who were watching us, I apparently was staring too long at one particular window on the 5th or 6th floor of some building. There was a young woman who was brushing her hair. She looked down, right at me, and flashed me. So despite the lack of tailgating there was some parking-lot-like action going on.

We returned to the Holiday Inn to have a couple more Coronas and call it a night.

Jimmy, Come back to Great Woods next year!