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Vancouver Update

Vancouver Sky

Today was my last day in Vancouver for my first trip out here for the an implementation job. It was a pretty interesting trip despite the weather and it being very dark most of the time. I did get to see some sun and some stars. Today Smallville was still filming at the hospital and I was able to see Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk film a scene.

I wasn’t close enough to hear them but I knew they were filming a scene because there were dozens of people around yelling filming type things like “speed” “action” “rolling” and “cut”. I don’t know where the camera was but I was right behind them so the camera was probably behind me and didn’t get me in the shot, but who knows stranger things have happened. So watch Smallville on March 2 for episode “Resurrection”.

After training I went for a drive down Vancouver’s Route one up to a mountain. It was still pretty foggy and lots of clouds but the sun and the clouds made for an interesting photo. Enjoy. Maybe next time I come out here things will be much brighter and I can get some photos of the mountains that I could see from my hotel room for all of 5 minutes.

I also just finished my Firefly DVD’s. Man that was an awesome show that never should have been canceled. Hopefully it will live on in a feature film as well as some novels like the Buffy books and Angel books. I can’t wait for the first Firefly book. That will be awesome. Anyway, I’m sitting in the airport and will post this message probably tomorrow when I arrive home. Since I won’t be leaving till 11:30pm and won’t be arriving until 10:00am. Bit of a long flight… To say the least.

Smallville in Langley…


I’m in Langley, BC and this morning when I arrived at Langley hospital I saw that it was transformed into Smallville Medical Center. I learned that Smallville is filmed in Cloverdale, BC. That is a little ways away from Langley. It was a rare treat for me to see the film company setting up for a scene that will be part of and episode called “Resurrection” that will be airing here in BC on March 2, 2004.

During lunch I took a walk around the front of the building to see how the production was going. And while I was standing there and checking out the set up I took a few pictures. And as I waited I saw the arrival of John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) and Tom Welling (Clark Kent). I even took a picture but I was very far away from them to get a decent photo. But that is them in the red box.

The scene that they are filming is a simulated bomb threat and evacuation from the Smallville Medical Center. The room that I am conducting training in is right next to the room where all the extras are hanging out. So It’s pretty exciting. I guess that many of the hospitals actually subsidize their fund raising by letting film companies film at the hospital. So to everyone I’m training this is pretty old hat. But I’m the starstruck one.

I had wondered if I would be seeing any stars while I was in Canada. Seeing as this is an area where this are a lot of movies and TV shows being filmed. Here is another site for Smallville.