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From Stormy Boston to Sunny El Paso

The view from the Hertz parking lot.

So, today I traveled to El Paso. What a long day. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy traveling, for the most part. However, today was a rather sucky travel day. Last night I got a call from American Airlines to tell me my flight was canceled and they had re-booked me. No big deal, in fact it was nice. They asked me what I preferred for seating window or aisle. I prefer aisle. So naturally I ended up in the middle seat for the two legs of the flight

Oh the dreaded middle seat. I can always tell when the person in front of me will recline their seat. The telltale sign is someone who sits in the seat too hard initially and then rocks it back a bit or even checks the distance of the recline. I can tell a recliner because that is the person who sits in front of me.

As you can tell today wasn’t the best day of traveling however it could have been worse. I could have been the lady who was sitting next to me on the flight from Boston to Dallas who was headed to Hawaii. She wasn’t going to make her connection and fretted over that the entire three hour flight. Three hours of a huffing twitchy, fidgety person is my idea of a good time. When the plane landed she had 5 minutes to make her next flight. I can tell she doesn’t travel often because she hopped out of her seat and started down the aisle. Anyone who has traveled more than once in their lives knows that when the flight ends and the doors open the aisle turns into an artery clogged with slow moving human cholesterol chunks.

So, now I’m in the state of Texas, things so far are going well. Check out the nice weather I am having. So glad to be out of the fun New England weather. However I am looking forward to returning home at the end of the week.

My current reading selection is Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I’m pretty much almost finished with it. I started it this morning. So you can imagine how much of my day was on the plane and waiting. The book is a great read. You can find out more about this book at I’ll have more to say once I finish it.