Christmas is in the Air

Well, Christmas is in the air and falling all over my car. Did you know that at 5:45 AM ice is the coldest and hardest to get off your car? Its 100% true. I’m starting to get the Christmas spirit, almost time to pull out the Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney albums. And of course I need to listen to the album by Walter Brennan and the Elvis Christmas songs and Christmas will be here.

This weekend Allison and I went to Fitchburg to visit Eva and John, Allison’s Grandparents to bring them their Christmas gifts. They took us out for an Engagement Meal and we exchanged gifts over Eva’s fantastic homemade lemon squares. After our visit we drove down to Hopkinton for Christine and Marc’s rocking Christmas Bash. What an amazing array of food. And there were babies galore around so Allison was quite entertained for most of the evening. It was nice to catch up with some of the folks from implementation. We even found out that Allison and I stayed at the exact same place that Patty and Chris did at moosehead lake. Same B&B same room everything. So we exchanged stories about our experiences there and had a lot of laughs.

True to form, I had my camera with me and was able to get a shot of all the folks from the LAB MSR group who were there that night.

Christine, Me, Joanne, Peter and Rick, by the Christmas Tree

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