Clive Cussler Books

Dirk Pitt, a Special Operations Director of NUMA, is featured in:
In Chronological Order

Kurt Austin is featured in the underwater exploration series, NUMA FILES:
In Chronological Order

The Oregon Files: An organization of intelligent and superbly proficient mercenaries, known as the Corporation, is headquartered on the ship Oregon, a seagoing marvel of science and technology disguised as an ancient, rust-bucket cargo vessel. The leader of the Corporation-cool, brainy Chairman Juan Cabrillo-explains the mission of his organization: “We were formed to make a profit, that’s for sure, but as much as we like the money, we are also cognizant of the chances that arise for us to somehow right the wrongs of others.”
In Chronological Order

Non-Series Books
These books are outside of Cussler’s regular ongoing series.

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