Congratulations Erin

Erin and Bart came over to go to the Ice Cream Machine with Allison and I last night. Erin has a new job in Portland, Maine. While we are certainly happy for Erin’s new job. We are sad to see Erin and Bart moving. Especially after Allison volunteered our moving services :-). But seriously we will miss Erin and Bart and we’ll be spending more time up north in the future.

Yesterday Tara and Erik got a new puppy. She came with the name Phantom but I think the name that they are going to go with will be Daisy, because she is a southern bell. Lazy Daisy, is black and white and all legs. She’s gonna be big. Such a cute puppy. Daisy is so relaxed and she lets anyone pick her right up and carry her around like a baby. Welcome to the family Daisy.