I just finished the book on CD by Clive Cussler called Cyclops. Cussler’s stories interweave some fantastic plots. This book was no exception. It starts with a shipwreck or some other maritime tragedy per usual that spawns a mystery and eventually reveals an incredible plot of intrigue and suspense. Cussler’s hero, Dirk Pitt is the ultimate action hero, he is tough, he is witty, he is good with the ladies, and he is smart. All rolled into one that makes a great action star.

Why hasn’t Hollywood picked up this character for a movie, ah but it has. (one of Pitt’s earlier adventure called Raise the Titanic) And it has done a craptastic job with Cussler’s characters. But Hollywood is producing Clive Cussler’s book Sahara as a spring/summer, can Hollywood redeem itself and its past treatment of this literary franchise. Let’s hope so.

But it looks unlikely. And the reason why is the casting of characters. The main beef I have with the casting of characters is that of Dirk Pitt’s longtime friend Al Giordino. Al is a barrel chested, beefy Italian guy who is a direct contrast to Dirk Pitt’s tall commanding, dangerous, presence. Think of an actor who least resembles this character suggestion and you get Steve Zahn. Now don’t get me wrong, Steve Zahn is a good actor and can play great characters, however he could not be the Al Giordino of the Dirk Pitt novels. It looks like the character has been modified to be more of a buffoon then a highly skilled pilot and scuba diver and tough guy.

However, I think the movie will be a great action movie if only for the fact that it looks like Matthew McConaughy and Steve Zahn have some good chemistry together. The action looks tight and the story should be compelling. I think that if National Treasure did so well then Sahara has a shot. Let’s hope so because Dirk Pitt is an action hero destined to leap off the pages and onto the screen. Look for yourself at the Sahara trailer.