Disney Vacation: Part One

On Thursday the 6th Allison, Erik, Mom, Dad and I headed to Orlando. Our flight was an hour late because of the snow but at least we got out on Thursday. Jet Blue is a great airline, they have excellent customer service. In addition to multiple changes that were made for different tickets, (Dad’s, Tara’s, Shelby’s and Caitlyn’s) the flight attendants were also very helpful and sincere. There was this older woman who had been brought down by a wheelchair and then the wheelchair driver (pusher?) left but told her that she would be back to get her on the plane. Well, the plane started boarding and there was no wheelchair. I spoke with the woman at the counter and she was right on it. I couldn’t believe how quickly she got a new wheelchair for that lady.

So the plane was also very impressive, each seat was large with direct TV on the headrest and they served great snacks and full sodas without having to ask for the whole soda.

When we got to Florida we took a 15 passenger van from the airport to the hotel. We saved pretty well doing that.

The check-in at the hotel wasn’t as smooth as the flight. Tara and Erik’s room was the only one that they got right, for some reason my and Allison’s room, Shelby and Caitlyn’s room and Mom and Dad’s room only had one person attached to it. But somehow we were all in a line, with Allison and I having an adjoining room with my parents. Tara was on one side of us and Shelby was on the other side of Mom and Dad.

We checked out the Hippy Dippy pool and Petals pool bar. We were staying at the Pop Century Hotel at Disney where each complex of rooms had a different decade as a theme. From the 50’s to the 90’s. There was a bowling pin pool and a computer pool and the Hippy Dippy pool that was shaped like a flower. It was awesome to be in such a warm pool especially after we had left such cold and crappy weather back home.

After we had a couple of drinks at the pool we headed to Downtown Disney and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then strolled around Downtown Disney. There were so many different places to see while we were there. There is going to be a huge Lego store and they even had a giant Lego made dragon in the lake. It was a good night and we were happy to be out walking around in shorts.

Tomorrow, the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.