Doggy Day Care…

My sister Tara and her husband Erik are off to Colorado for a long weekend excursion and wedding of a friend. The ‘girls’ are at home and need someone to watch them. My cousin is watching the dogs for the weekend but she cannot drive a stick so she can’t take the dogs to day care. So I took the dogs this morning. I can drive a stick but its been a few years since I have driven one and I am a little rusty.

I was up at 6:30 and out to the driveway to take Tara’s car over to her house to pick up the dogs (Taylor and Daisy Mae). After almost taking down our fence I was off. I got to the house and got the girls out of their crates and got their leashes on, grabbed their lunches, made sure everyone got to pee before they left and loaded them into the back of Tara’s Passat wagon.

Daisy has a very sensitive stomach and she gets sick on every ride. Couple that fact with the one that I didn’t exactly know where I was going, nor did I have a complete and full mastery of the intricacies of the car, and the driver’s windshield wiper was as effective as a greasy paper towel, the drive was not smooth. After driving around and finally calling my Dad I found the Doggy Day Care center. I open the trunk and Daisy had left me a nice neat pile of puke. And they had dragged their leashes through it. I grabbed the clean ends and hurried into the Doggy Day Care center and quickly explained that one end of the leash was puke covered and while trying to hold these two little spazes as they strained to get inside and play with their friends. Well at least they got there. Oh and don’t worry I cleaned the car too.