Don White at the Bull Run

Last night Allison and I went to the Bull Run in Shirley MA to see Don White and The Loomers perform. We were joined by Allison’s parent’s Marcia and Dan. We were also joined by my high school buddy Neil and his wife Andrea, whom you may recall were the folks who introduced me to French Do… Er, I mean, Onion Soup. And we were also joined by my former High School Spanish class presentation partner and football teammate Andy and his girlfriend Rhondi.

The Bull Run in Shirley, MA is a nice restaurant and function hall where they have weddings and other events and they have this concert series. We got there around 6:00 for our 8:00 show. I think it was a great time to get there because it gave everyone a chance to talk and relax and eat dinner before the show. And since I hear so many people would rather hear what I had to eat than look at the bullet points, here goes. I had clam chowder and buffalo wings, neither were spectacular but they weren’t bad either. I also had cheesecake with strawberries on top for dessert. The menu is limited to a few entrees and some appetizers. It’s function hall food. Good but not worth going just for dinner.

We were there for the sound check and we were also in the front row table. The Loomers came on at 8:00 and played 5 or 6 songs. They are a fun band and you can tell that they enjoy playing. Then around 9:00 Don White came up on stage and started with Rascal and then told many stories about his family and segued from story to song in a way that only Don White can. His stories are funny and his songs range from hilarious to moving. After Don played for about 2 hours The Loomers came back on stage to play with him as well. They played the Lumper song, and It’s a Great Day. And they even did a tribute to the Ramones on Don’s song Project Girl.

After the concert Allison and I bought a couple of CD’s one of The Loomers and one of the Don White ones that we don’t already own. And we talked with Don for a while as well, he’s a really nice guy. It was a great night. It was nice to be able to spend time with our friends and to make some new ones as well. Don is coming to the Dessert Club in February and we’d like to have even more people come with us to see the show, if this is something you’d be interested in please let me know.