Ellis Pa…. Er, Vance Gilbert Concert

On Sunday night Allison took me to the Vance Gilbert concert at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry NH. Vance was incredible. But before Vance took the stage, as a favor to his friend Ellis Paul (Who was prevented from coming by a family emergency), we listened to some guy I think his name was Dave or Dan or something. Anyway he loves Jerusalem (He told us 25 times in one song, subtle)…. Yeah, well I hope that works out for you buddy. His songs were hard to follow and got annoying quickly.

Vance Gilbert was great though, this guy has such a range. He sings so well and he is funny as hell. He had to match wits with some lady in front of us who kept blurting things out at random times. But he handled himself well and didn’t let her rattle him. Obviously she annoyed me, but then again what doesn’t annoy me. But you all know that Allison and I have the absolute worst luck about picking seats at any event that we attend. It is a given that some wacko will be sitting near us and want to interact with us. I like to keep my interactions with wackos down to a once a week , tops.

For his encore, Vance Gilbert came out into the crowd and sang a song a capella and it was so powerful. We missed out and didn’t have our copy of Side of the Road with us so we got no autographs or photos. Maybe next time.