Harold and Kumar go to White Castle…

And I went to see them at Route One Cinema Pub. That place is the best place in the world to see a movie and have a beer. Don’t get me wrong the IMAX is great but Route One Cinema Pub has beer by the pitcher.

I wasn’t expecting much from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. The previews looked funny, but with most previews I figured that all the jokes were in the preview. I was wrong, this movie had so many jokes and punchlines I was laughing throughout the whole movie. Allison was right to not want to go with me because of my boisterous and embarrassing laugh. It was full force tonight baby.

The cameos in the movie were hilarious. Christopher Meloni from Law and Order SVU has one of the most funny and disturbing cameos in the whole movie. And of course Neil Patrick Harris as himself was pretty funny too.

I was planning to go see Tom Papa at Mohegan Sun tonight but I finished in NY early so I just came home. Now I’m back at the house and Comedy Central Presents has Tom Papa. Go figure.