Have you Ever Googled Yourself?

Come on, you know you’ve done it. Have you ever typed your name into the Google Search Engine to see what comes up. Well, today I was driving from the airport to the hotel and I heard the DJ ask if you’ve ever Googled yourself. So I typed my name in to Google to see what came up.

The first thing that came up was a recipe for a Grateful Dead. The drink I enjoyed so well while at Sacred Heart University. The second thing that came up was a web page from Saint Anselm College when I was the webmaster. I would have thought that those were all toast but not so. One page remains with my name and Ken’s. Actually all the pictures from the first football game in Saint Anselm History after 40 something years remains intact.

Then I took out the E. from my name and came up with some other hits. The first one was my race results form the Newman 5K back when I could run a 5K. (That will soon be changing however, as my training begins with the start of July). I finished 188th in that race. Meghan Healey came in 107th. The last search I did was for Drew Bennett, which came up with a ton of stuff for the Titans football player. So I added & North Attleboro to the search and got a listing and picture from my 10 year HS reunion. So go ahead and Google yourself. See what happens. If you find an interesting link for yourself, add it to the comments for this post.

Google for “Andrew E. Bennett, III”

Google for Andrew Bennett, III”

Google for Drew Bennett & North Attleboro