Allison and I took my cousins Madison and Haley to see Hoodwinked this afternoon. A clever and fun movie. The best character clearly was the squirrel Twitchy, teaming Twitchy with the Wolf was very fun indeed. And “D-na-Me-Tay” is not the funniest thing he says. So the trailers don’t give it all away. The homages to TV cop shows and other movies like XXX was fantastic. The voice actors were also great. Patrick Waburton was great as the wolf and his lines while being interrogated were good too. Madison and Haley enjoyed the movie and were great movie watchers.

I also finished Firestorm this weekend. This is the 4th Nevada Barr book I have read this year, and it also happens to be the 4th in the series, funny how that works out. This one is the only one that between Tara and I we do not own. So I got it from the library and our library is doing a thing now where they attach a tag in the book and ask the readers for their feedback. Pretty neat idea. The Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr is turning out to be a great little series. I also finished The Giver, interesting book some interesting ideas in that book too.

Also we went to the Baptism of Kim and John’s twin sons Aaron and Jason. They are the couple that Allison made friends with at church and who have four little ones including twin 7 month old boys. Allison sometimes holds Aaron during Mass. Cute kids and nice folks Kim and John are.