I Met My ChemoBuddy!!

This was originally posted by Allison

As many of you may know, I have been involved with ChemoAngels since November of last year. ChemoAngels is a program that matches Chemotherapy patients up with people who send notes, letters and gifts in an effort to cheer them up and make their treatment and illness as comfortable and positive as possible.

My Buddy is a woman with Breast Cancer who lives in York, PA. While we were in Harrisburg for Elise’s wedding, we met with my buddy, Lisa, for breakfast. It was so wonderful to finally meet the person I have been writing to for the last nine months and hear that she is well, her most recent surgery returned positive results and she may be graduating from the ChemoAngels program soon!

She brought me a beautiful crystal cube with an Angel etched inside and thanked me for helping her through her treatment. It was so very sweet of her.

If you’d like to make a difference to Cancer Patients or Housebound/Nursing Home-Bound Elderly folks, please check out the ChemoAngels web page for more information.

Lisa and me after breakfast
Lisa and me after breakfast