Jolly Mon…

With International Talk Like A Pirate Day just around the corner I thought I would check out some other books by the Pirate born 200 years too late… Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy has written a children’s book called The Jolly Mon based on the song by Jimmy of the same name. The Jolly Mon is about a guy who is gifted with great singing ability and one day finds a magical guitar and is befriended by a dolphin. The Jolly Mon also becomes King. The song is a fun one and if you have the East Hampton 2001 CD there is a story about the song and about how Disney wanted to make the song into a movie. But the caveat was that, “Could The Jolly Mon be white?” To which Jimmy exclaims, “No! Ever seen Bob Marley you Dumbass!” Gotta love corporate suits.

Speaking of corporate suits, I got roped into The Apprentice last night. “The” Bradford was fired for being such a cocky idiot. Granted there were other people who should have been fired before him but he made a fatal error. And it cost him.