Last Day for Jeans…

Today is my last day to wear jeans on Fridays. The Marketing group does not allow jeans on Fridays. No big deal, in fact I am excited because that means that I’m getting closer to making the transfer to the new job. Now if I can just survive next weekend without losing my patience things will be golden.

Did anyone see that a 15 foot great white shark was spotted in Woods Hole. There is a story about it in the Cape Cod times. [Shark Story]. On the news last night there was video and it looked like the length from dorsal fin to tail fin was way more than 15 feet. It looked like two huge sharks swimming behind each other. This thing is huge. Not something I’d like to come up alongside in a kayak, i.e. big plastic seal-looking-snack.

I love newspaper articles sometimes. Here is a quote from the Cape Cod Times.

..”He used a six-foot-long spear to attach the device to the shark’s dorsal fin.”

…”When you’re dealing with an animal of that size, you’ve got to be careful, period,” said Skomal. “It’s not likely to do any harm, but if something triggered it, watch out.”

Hmm, do you think a probe on a six foot spear jabbed into the shark’s dorsal fin could possibly be, I don’t know, a potential “trigger”. I know I’d be pissed if some guy came up and tagged my shoulderblade by shoving a spear into it.

Check out the NECN video too.