Late Post

I hate full service Marriotts. Why? I’ll tell you why, it makes absolutely no sense to go into a cheaper Marriott owned facility and get free high speed wireless or wired Internet, but then have to pay $9.95 a day for the Internet at a Full Service Marriott. What is the sense in that. Oh because we charge more for you to stay we’ll give you LESS in amenities. It sucks! And at this Marriott that I am in Kansas City, MO they are even charging you to use the modem in your room to make a toll free call. So that is why I am writing this post on the laptop but can’t post it until tomorrow (which is now today.) But I actually got it to work (through the high speed, I’ll probably be charged for it.) I even shot a photo for Photo-A-Day that I could not post. I was tempted to drive over to another hotel and use the wireless in the lobby of the other hotel but that would just be too much of a hassle. So again through no fault of my own the Photo-A-Day was almost late, and that annoys me. I know that the rules of Photo-A-Day are self imposed but it still bugs me.

Okay that was some of the annoying stuff, there was some good stuff today too. I stopped at Blue Springs Harley Davidson and picked up 3 pins. One for me, one for Dad and one for my friend John’s Dad. They had a great selection of bikes there. And they actually had a halfway decent pin.

Tonight we went to Ted’s Montana Grill. We sat directly under the Buffalo head. Ted’s is owned by Ted Turner. Very interesting place. I had braised bison short ribs. And I also picked up a pin from there too.

I also had some great beer from Boulevard Brewing Co. of Kansas City, MO, it was like a Heffewiesen. It was called Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer. Good stuff.

I got online through high speed, will probably have to pay for it. But I’m on now so what the heck.