LOST… till the next fall season.

When is LOST returning to TV. That is the main question I had after last night’s 2 hour season finale. It was awesome. It had the humor, the drama and the tension that I have come to know and love about the show. Were questions answered? Yes. Was more revealed? Yes. Do we really know anything about the island? NO!

I was really good about not reading spoilers ahead of time with this show and it really helped me enjoy it all the more. I look forward to the DVD set being released and all the extras.

What annoys me is that now, with the success of LOST, sci-fi and supernatural shows are crawling out of the woodwork, all the while a pretty fantastic show was passed over a few years back and given the boot. You know the show, Firefly. That was a great Sci-Fi show with a great concept. A Space Western that focused on a group of characters and their relationships. I saw about 3 previews for supernatural shows coming out next season, they all look like crap. Bring Firefly Back.