Magnetic Poetry

How addicting is this. Pick A Magnetic Poetry Kit. Granted I have an entire side of the fridge with magnetic poetry on it and have yet to actually create anything. I thought at one time I would do some grand daily haiku thing each day and post that on the blog with magnetic poetry. Then I decided not to.

I forgot my manners and did not give credit where credit is due. This link was found by Mo of (We’re in a Fight.) And since she was lazy and didn’t put an actual link on her last reference to me but rather directed people to her sidebar for the link I will do the same. We’re in a fight can be found on the sidebar under the Blogs of Note section.

6 thoughts on “Magnetic Poetry”

  1. tsk tsk tsk!! SOMEONE is “borrowing” stuff from SOMEONE elses blog and not giving links…I’m telling Katie…especially after you humiliated her;) And I DO know that this is also the blog of Allison…but she never plays my trivia game…so I “assume” she wants nothing to do with me or anything blog;) tear.

  2. How DARE you call me lazy!! You just made the Official “We’re in a fight” Sh*tlist!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, it is lazy not to put in the actual links and direct your readers to go find the links themselves. And it is equally as lazy not to give credit where credit is due.

  4. Mo, I do love you, I just don’t have time to play two trivia games a day. I’ll try to play more – but having to sign in and out for each is kind of annoying…..

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