Marriage Preparation Class

Yesterday Allison and I went to the Marriage Preparation class or rather Pre-Cana (no water into wine, apparently that was a one time thing.) Anyway it was a nice afternoon, all in all. I for one was never against the idea of going and spending a day talking about the issues that will come up in marriage. I think it is important to do that and sometimes you need a day like that to get the ball rolling on discussions that you should be having. I could tell that many of the guys there (33 couples in all) really felt that it was a waste of their time, however it was a quality day and it does really matter what you put into these sort of things. The volunteer couples were all very nice.

I would have liked having a more intimate setting with less engaged couples, 33 was a lot and we didn’t really get much chance to socialize with other people, and then there were the folks that we were glad we weren’t socializing with specifically that one young woman who constantly was talking about how great their wedding would be, and it was in that way where she was really saying that our wedding will be much better than yours. She was annoying, and rather loud.

The food was very good and the format was also good. There would be a short talk and then an activity then a discussion between Allison and I, and then another talk and the format would repeat. I don’t think there was enough time to really answer each question and really talk about them. But at the same time I also wouldn’t have wanted to have been there the entire night either. It was a good day though.