McCoy Stadium, etc…

Tonight I went to a Pawsox game with my Dad at McCoy Stadium. They lost but it was a great time. Many co-workers were there, the night was organized by Kevin. Thanks Kevin!

Allison had a nice dinner tonight with her friend Joe. They went to Legal Seafood, and eventually they ended up at the same Legals. Allison says it was really nice to see Joe. Too bad I wasn’t able to be there.

I signed up for today. is a place to go for e-books. If anyone wants to sign up for please let me know and I can send you coupons.

I put some more work into Tara’s new business site called ForPAWS. The site is A portion of the profits go to the North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

I heard a song by Don White this morning that was so powerful and funny and sad all at once. He certainly has an amazing talent for evoking emotion from his listeners. The Song is called the MTV Love Song and it is on the BROWN EYES SHINE – 1999 CD. Don White’s CD’s can be purchased through CD