Meanwhile… Back at BWI….

Sitting in the Baltimore airport, for the LAST time!!! Well that is until I have to go to Baltimore for Marketing, but for this hospital this is the last time that I have to be at this airport. So what will be in store for me this trip? Will my flight leave on time? Doubtful. Will my flight be delayed? Very likely. Will my flight be canceled? Probably. We shall see. I have two hours before I am to leave, anything can happen. I hoped that I could get an earlier flight, but that was not happening.

So, how did this visit go? Overall it went well. There are some outstanding issues but there usually are. With so many factors and many people working on a project unless you have a perfect group there will be many issues. But, I got so many last minute issues today from one of the modules it was frightening. So many big things that should have been thought about well before this day let alone this month.

I will miss some people and I did learn a great deal during the visit and throughout this entire install. I think the most I have learned from any implementation was learned during this visit. I would have liked to have gotten one of those funky little bags that they gave to superusers. But that was not to be and I thought it would be rude to ask.

It was nice to be traveling with so many nice specialists. I had a great time getting to know (better) the people that I had traveled with before. And meeting the new people and getting to know them too. Going into Inner Harbor and the Red Sox game with everyone was also awesome. It is nice to go to a place like that with a group. I am looking forward to that part of the marketing position. It will be nice to be with other specialists.

Last night I had a great dinner and conversation at Carrabas with Lorie and Colleen. We were going to go to a movie but since we didn’t get out of the restaurant until 10:00pm we ended up not going to the movie. I almost went back to the movies after I dropped Lorie and Colleen off, but I was getting tired and sometimes it isn’t any fun going to a movie without other people because then you don’t have that shared experience and the ability to quote the movie to get a laugh out of your friends, because let’s face it, if someone hasn’t seen a movie and you start quoting it then you have to explain the movie and then the humor gets completely lost in the translation.

And speaking of Lost in Translation, that was an odd, odd movie. And I like odd little independent movies (Garden State, Anyone) but that was just weird. I did get to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on USA while I waited for the ladies to be ready for dinner. I even got work done while I waited, not a real common occurrence. I guess that means I have to get some new books or video games to occupy my time.

The library was a little slow getting me my next Clive Cussler Books: Raise the Titanic and Iceberg. I did get the messages that my books are in on Friday though, for what little good that did. I am reading all of the Clive Cussler books about Dirk Pitt in order, then I’ll read the Kurt Austin ones and then the Oregon Files ones. Then it will be time to get out of the water and into national parks with the Nevada Barr series about National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon. You gotta love for the correct order of your favorite mystery and adventure books.

Tomorrow will be my last day working on the 5th floor. I know I said that it was going to be my last day sometime last week but it was not. Tomorrow I will do my paperwork for this visit and maybe get my stuff moved downstairs, and hopefully very few phone calls from the hospital, as that will be my last official day to take calls for the hospital, I swear, honest.