My Motorcycle

My Alphasport GV250

If you haven’t been on a motorcycle before, you gotta try it once in your life. This is my Alpha 250 V-twin Classic. It looks like a baby Fat Boy and in this photo it looks like a dwarf under my posterior but this bike has plenty of power.

A 250 you say, that is so small, how can there be power there? Well, this 250 isn’t like the Honda rebels of old, this is a beefy motorcycle that has provided me with hours of enjoyment during this past summer. Granted I’ve only been able to ride under 600km. It is a bike that is sold mostly in Europe and Asia and therefore the odometer and speedometer are in Kilometers. You get used to it. Eventually I’ll be moving on to a bigger bike, not before I buy something smaller and it doesn’t have tires but it is round. But for now this is a great bike to tool around on.
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4 thoughts on “My Motorcycle”

  1. Hi there, it is called an Alpha. But good luck finding Alfas. Nice try stealing a link from me by putting up bogus comments.

  2. It’s only a nice bike (scooter for the tramps) if you like it.

    Personally, I think it looks nothing like a Fatboy.

    But, with all of that being said, I am all for people riding what they want. As long as you like it, more power to you!

  3. It was a nice little bike, fun to ride. Had to sell it, Harley for real with the next one (whenever that happens?) I checked out your site, interesting mag. Thanks for visiting.

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