MySpace Christmas Music

Gotta Send a message out about my musical friends on myspace. One of my favorite things about mySpace is that I have been able to not only find longtime childhood friends (or rather they found me.) but I can also be exposed to musical talent I would otherwise not have found. And some of that musical talent have Christmas Songs on their profiles.

First up is Christopher Williams. CW has a Christmas Album called Unbroken Song. Allison and I picked it up at the last show we went to at the Lyon’s Den in Norton. The CD is great. You can hear one of the songs “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” on his myspace profile. Great song.

Next Check out Timothy Daniel and his song “This Christmas” A cool sound.

Shawn McDonald has his rendition of O Holy Night. Very Nice. Check out Over the Rainbow and Take my hand too, (I know they aren’t Christmas songs but they are cool.)

Check out Paul Wright’s song Love Year Long, cool little original Christmas Song. Made especially for myspacers.

If anyone wants to turn me on to more musical sounds of mySpace send me a note and your recommendations.

Merry Christmas!