National Treasure Discovered!

Yesterday I saw the Nick Cage movie National Treasure. After reading the Da Vinci Code and all the Dan Brown books I could see parallels between the stories. However I don’t see that one ripped off the other. National Treasure is a scavenger hunt through American History. I was pretty fascinated about the clues and riddles and the places in the movie. If anything it got me excited to know more about these secret societies and the potential for more movies and books in this same vein. If you get a chance check out this movie.

And an update on the book reading front, I have finished reading many of the Clive Cussler books featuring Dirk Pitt. So far I have finished:

I am currently listening to Deep Six (1984) on CD. Got it from the library. Awaiting the next book on CD Cyclops (1986). Unfortunately the reader sounds like he is doing a newscast. Not the best book on tape performer ever.