"Note to Self….

stay home from the movies during school vacation week.”

Last night Allison and I went to the movies to see Spanglish. We had some movie passes that needed to be used up before the end of the month. And since I am not going to just throw money away we needed to use those passes. Unfortunately this is school vacation week, yipee!

Spanglish is an Adam Sandler movie but not like you would expect. It is funny but not in the way you are accustomed to seeing the funny from Sandler. It is touching and has heart and is funny, but not really a movie for teenagers or pre-teens. Why? Because you have to pay attention, not talk on your cell phone or bounce around on the soft springy chairs. I always feel like I could go for a nice vasectomy after spending time around most of today’s teenagers. Because I know that no matter what I do to raise my kids right they will probably fall in with the wrong element just to spite me and my ‘uptight’ ways.

Allison and I were lucky enough to have four Fast and Furious watching, Grand Theft Auto playing, wannabe Gansta and Hoochie looking teen/pre-teens, sit right in front of us. Oh Joy! First they will play switch our seats, then they’ll play laugh like an idiot to get attention, then they’ll check out text messages and then the thug life wannabes will leave and the hoochies will stay and chat up a storm, till the cranky old guy behind them (me) tells them, “Would you two shut up we are trying to watch a movie!” Eventually they got bored with the movie (to much plot for their tiny brains) and left.

We could then finally enjoy the movie which by the way was very touching and well acted, Sandler was very good in this movie.

I guess what I am saying is that there is no consideration today. Maybe I am just noticing it more. For example, I like to go to Stop and Shop and do the shopping for the week. I enjoy it I really do. I clip coupons and know where everything is in the entire store, you can test me sometime while we are in the store. It’s not like I can rattle off the aisle numbers if asked at this exact moment, but once I’m in the store, I’m like a grocery savant.

So I have little patience when I come down an aisle and it is clogged with ‘human cholesterol’ (my favorite people!) desperately rationalizing to their screaming two year old why they can only buy the regular oreos and not the double stuff. All the while that two year old kid, snot running down their nose and crying is hammering on the cart and screaming. I felt like grabbing some Hydrox or Stop and Shop brand chocolate creme filled cookies and shoving them in her cart. Pick the regular cookies and MOVE ON! Why?, because you are the Mom, because it is your money and if the kid is that much of a brat they don’t deserve double stuff. When they get the double stuff they end up as teenage wannabe hoochies that piss me off. The kid is two and is not capable of rationality. Put your foot down!

But I digress. There is a complete lack of consideration and responsibility in many people’s actions today. Case in point, when you are at the checkout line or maybe walking around the store do you often see items that should be refrigerated left at the checkout aisle or maybe on the chips shelf somewhere? Hey! if you took something and later you don’t want it, PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! And not in the bread aisle! Jackasss! And while you are at it, move out of the way, get off your cell phone and if you can’t set your VCR you probably shouldn’t be in the self checkout line.