Oliver’s Lesson

Well, our little Oliver learned a big lesson this morning. Look before you leap. It’s is Ollie’s frequent habit to jump into the bathtub after the apartment’s human occupants have finished their daily cleaning rituals, so that he can lick up any bit of water left on the tub floor. (I swear we water them daily!)

Somehow I managed to flip the stopper on the drain this morning – it was early and I don’t do mornings, okay? So the tub filled with about two inches of water when I showered. I dried off, got dressed and upon my return to the bathroom heard splashing. That’s odd, I thought. Then Oliver appeared from behind the curtain and was he looking unhappy! Poor guy’s back legs and tush were all wet!!! He’d hopped on in looking to lick some soapy goodness from the bottom of the tub and got a rather wet surprise! I don’t think he cared for the attempt to dry him off, either. For the rest of the morning he kept eyeing me like I’d thrown him in or something. It was a very funny adventure – at least for me! I thought some of you might find it funny as well!

Ollie during drier times.