Productive Day…

Today I took care of some of the yearly medical exams. I got my eyes done this morning, after I had dropped off my suit at the cleaners, run to Michael’s to see if my framed piece of You’ll Have That by Wes Molebash artwork was ready. It was not, no they did not call, but it was beyond the date when they were supposed to be done with at and I was anxious. I was however able to get a frame for the original sketch that Wes drew for me, (see below). Then I had an eye exam. I think I am finally going to get the cataract taken care of. I have been hesitant to do this because it really freaks me out that my eye will have to be sliced open and I just have this insane fear that it will deflate like a balloon, I know that is not possible and that is why it is an insane fear. So I got the eye exam taken care of then headed to Taunton to drop off the cake topper (which came yesterday) to Arts International Bakery and pay the rest of the money for the chocolate mouse filling. I had gotten eye drops at the Eye Doctor so driving over there I had to stick my sunglasses over my regular glasses because my sunglasses are just some cheap, non prescription ones. Which Allison likes because then I won’t be able to see anything at the beaches in Aruba. After that I ran back to North Attleboro and swung by Achin’s Garage to get my inspection sticker. No I am not super efficient and got my sticker on the first day of the month but rather I took step one of my twelve year plan to save $29.00 by getting my sticker the first day of the month after my sticker was up. It is so deviously simple (wrings hands and laughs maniacally). I ran into Sarah who works there and who also went to Saint A’s. We got caught up and talked about being back on the hilltop (Another name for Saint A’s). I stopped by the house and dropped off the cookies I bought for dessert tonight and got another check from my checkbook (I used the last on as my co-pay for the Eye Exam.), ran across the street to pick up a program from the church so we could start work on ours, then stopped by Tower Square to have Allison’s Engagement ring sized. Next It was off to my annual Physical with my new doctor. The new practice has some great high tech stuff. They have tablet PC’s that each person brings around with them and then places them in docking stations in the exam rooms and they are all connected wirelessly. Dr. S. just got married two months ago, he’s pretty young, probably even younger than I am too. So that is good. I got a few things checked out and a couple of referrals I needed and wanted too. Very easy guy to talk to.

So I think my to do list is finally complete. A very productive day.

Oh wait, couple of more things, Grocery shopping and made reservations for us at the spa in Aruba. Now I think I’m done.