If you haven’t heard this yet there is a website out there called You might think that it is a site to raise money for a sick animal or person. No it is not, it is a site to keep one bunny alive by NOT EATING HIM! The owner or owners of the site and of Toby are asking for $50,000.00 or they will eat Toby on June 30, 2005.

Okay, this one is from the mind of some sick bastards. I normally do not use foul language on this blog because much of my family reads this but this one makes me mad, and for a few good reasons. (so I apologize for the use of some blue language.)

1.) This is obviously a way to get money by playing on the sympathies of good people who love animals. And there are people who will donate a lot of money to see that Toby is not eaten. These guys are emotional terrorists. They are playing on the fears of animal lovers and attempting to coerce money from those people to prevent the death of Toby. This is the definition of terrorism “The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.” They may not technically be doing something illegal but what they are doing I see as emotional terrorism. These guys are threatening to eat Toby unless they get money, they are coercing it from the people who care about what happens to Toby. And one should not negotiate to terrorists or give them what they want. These guys want money, don’t give it to them. Unfortunately this will result in Toby’s death. But if these guys get no money then maybe some other person won’t try to do something similar in the future.

2.) This is upsetting to many people who love animals. To be torn between giving money to save Toby’s life and not giving money because these jerks should not get one dime. Animals hold a special place in a lot of good people’s hearts and the thought of someone basically ransoming the life of their pet for $50,000.00 or else the pet is eaten is sick.

3.) What is to stop the copycats. If some other nimrod gets their mind set on making a quick buck from a scheme like this what is to stop them.

4.) is terrible. Shamelessly promoting themselves by hosting controversial sites. Why weren’t they casualties of the dotcom crash.

5.) It is all about money, coercing money from good people through their emotional fear of what will happen to an innocent pet. There is a gift shop where you can buy Save Toby t-shirts. If this isn’t a clue about the site being a blatant way to coerce money from people then I don’t know what is. These guys have a book deal coming out detailing the whole saga of Honestly, if they do end up eating Toby I bet you that the skeleton will go up on ebay, the sickos.

So I read through the entire site and the more I read the madder I got, not just from Toby being eaten. People eat Rabbits all the time, they are on restaurant menus. What is really sticking in my craw is the smugness of the guys who came up with this site. They take their hate mail and tear it apart in a very smug manner. Of course most people who are writing the hate mail cannot spell and their arguments are not well formed at all. And they use tons of profanity. It just fuels the fire of these guys and makes the writers of the hate mail the butt of the joke.

There really is nothing legally that can be done to stop these guys. Unfortunately good people with kind hearts can’t bear to see Toby die. It is terrible if he does but it is more terrible to give these guys money. Because if they make their $50,000.00 then nothing will stop another person from coming along and one-upping this for money. There has already been $25,000.00 raise to save Toby. There should have been not one red cent given to these guys, not one cent!

But to put this into perspective this is one bunny. Many die each day in testing and other atrocious ways. Yes, Toby should be kept safe and not eaten. But there are a lot worse things happening out there in this world. Don’t give these guys another cent. Donate money to your local animal shelter to help out animals. Educate your children that cruelty to animals and playing on people’s emotions is the act of a cowardice.

That’s my stance on this. Agree, Disagree? Let me know. I’m interested to hear what people have to say about this.