Sharon Houston is miffed, I’m in New York…

During Season 2 of Last Comic Standing there was a comic named Sharon Houston. She did not make it into the house. There is now a video up on Ain’t it Cool News, sort of a mockumentary about her experience on the show. Anyway she is not happy.

So I’m in White Plains for the week teaching reports to another specialist’s hospital. There are quite a few other specialists down here working at various other hospitals that are part of the same group. But since my trip was last minute I’m off at a hotel by myself while everyone else is staying in the city. Not that it is a big deal but I’m bored out here. And for some reason this area is packed with dozens of highways and no matter which one you get off of you can’t get back on to go the opposite direction. I spent most of yesterday afternoon “try-roading”. And finally ended up finding a nice little pizza shop for dinner.

I’m almost finished reading “Chi Running” and have begun reading “The Time Machine“.