Six weeks without Lost…

After last nights Hurley-centric episode (finally) there is a six week hiatus between last night’s episode and the next new episode on April 13th. Last night’s episode was a really good one with three distinct references to Indiana Jones movies. 1. Sawyer calls Walt “Short Round”, 2. The rickety rope bridge, and 3. The pressure plate where the idea to replace Hurley”s weight (With What!) on the pressure plate. But luckily Hurley is spry for a big guy.

I wonder how many people rushed out after the show and tried to play the numbers in the lottery, it would have been really freaky if those numbers came up and won. So we see the story moving along and we also see some connections between the islanders. Hurley owned a box company in Tustin, John Locke worked for a box company in… Tustin. Locke built the cradle for Claire, but was it the same cradle that was in her nightmares? I’d have to go back to that episode to double check but I don’t think it was the same one.

(UPDATE: The cribs are not the same, the one from the nightmare is was white with a mobile with the toy planes on it “oceanic” toy planes. Doesn’t Kate have a toy plane…. Thanks John for confirming my suspicions about the cribs.)

ABC has put up a website for Charlie’s Band Driveshaft. There are song samples and a video on the site. And speaking of songs. During last week’s episode Hurley was listening to a song on his CD player. It was a song by Damien Rice called Delicate. There is still plenty of speculation out there about the island and the show is gaining popularity and looks like it will be back next season too. I’ve found Lost to be a great replacement for the hole that was left with the cancellation of Angel.