Rental Car Winshield Debacle

Window with Crack

Yes I’ve been a slacker. Been on the road so long that I forgot what timezone I actually live in. Couple of things to rant about. Car Rentals. Notice the picture I’ve posted.

That is the tiny chip on my windshield that Hertz is slamming me with some fees about. Some rock or something kicked up on the road and whacked the windshield. I guess it was somehow my fault that I didn’t swerve off a bridge to miss the rock. Arrgh!

Oh and Logan airport sucks. As usual. The worst airport I ever have to travel out of. Especially terminal B.

The LIVE visit this week is going rough and I’ve been up since 5:00CST. Need sleep. Need to be home. Need it to be March 13th. That is when I’ll be home for four weeks. So everyone I’ve been promising plans to do things with will have to collect during those weeks. Anyway when my thoughts are even slightly more coherent I will post more.

4 thoughts on “Rental Car Winshield Debacle”

  1. Saw you on Fuel my Blog. Love your photography.

    My wife and I rented a car in Malta because I could use a coupon (kinda my thing) but the kicker was that when we went out to the lot to find it, we thought we were at a scrap yard! There were dents and missing trim pieces all over the thing! We took photos before we ever left the lot to prove that the damage wasn’t ours. I don’t even think they cared though. We could’ve returned it without a windshield and they would’ve given it a clean bill of health. Shame Hertz wasn’t understanding for you.

  2. Paul,
    What an interesting story full of perfectly laced keywords for your rental car coupon website. And yet you still tied it to my actual post, very skillful. I let that comment and link slide because of what a great job you did balancing a free link to your site and a genuine comment on this blog.

  3. Thank you- I do try to get my info out there, but I found your blog honestly and my vacation horror car story is true. (Lesson: Malta is not the place to rent a sweet ride!)

    Love the sunsets in the most recent photos too. Stunning.

    Paul’s last blog post..UK car rental tips

  4. Paul,
    The mere fact that you responded to my comment above means you are a serious person. I’m glad you like the photos and hope you stop on back, you are welcome to visit and comment whenever. I will steer clear of car rentals in Malta.

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