Some new links

You may have noticed a couple of new links on the site. I am working on setting up a bookstore through There will be a link to it on the sidebar, but in the meantime I have added some banner ads to the bottom of the page.

I’ve also added a link to the Bank One credit card site if you are looking for a new credit card. I’ve been with Bank One since they were First USA and this has been a great credit card for me. I won’t stand behind anything I haven’t used myself and I won’t be cluttering the site with ads, but I’ve added some and will continue to recommend items and link to

When I recommend a book or CD you can click through to that book or CD or DVD right to And if you buy anything through one of our links then you are helping us with the wedding fund because I have set up an Associates account. I figure that millions of people are buying on all the time and why not connect to through this site.

The online bookstore and recommendations are coming soon. Look for it.

I just saw the taped episode of this past Wednesday’s LOST and the show just keeps getting better and better, but now we are into reruns for a few weeks, but guess what next week is a two hour episode the first two episodes back to back. So now is your time to get LOST!!!

I also just watched the taped episode of Ellen from Thursday with Zach Braff. That guy is just so funny. And the Garden State DVD is up for Pre-order and is being released on December 28th. But you can get the Grammy nominated Soundtrack now.