This afternoon we are in New Hampshire. And after Allison got a haircut and I used my Christmas Best Buy Cards (One from last Christmas and One from this Christmas) to get Buffy Season 5 and Lord of the Rings, Return of the King extended Widescreen Edition (remember, if I buy a movie with a gift card that is within the restrictions of not buying DVD’s and Books, Gift cards are exempt unless I bought the gift card for myself and I’m not giving myself that loophole.). Anyway after that we met up with Mo at T.G.I. Fridays for lunch.

If you don’t know Mo then that is too bad for you because she is a riot and we have so much fun getting together with her. We spent three hours in Friday’s chatting and eating and laughing like crazy. Quoting Napoleon Dynamite over and over, it was fun, you should have been there.

So Why am I writing about lunch with Mo and not continuing the recap of Disney, and by the way where are the Disney pictures that I have been promising, they are coming I mean it. I had to post that we spent the afternoon with Mo. Any time spent with Mo is blog-worthy especially since she spends almost as much time here as me. Good luck with those students Mo!