This past weekend…

This past weekend I spent at the cape. I help my father strip a roof and set it up for shingling. It was certainly windy on Saturday. I kept looking up at the sickly trees of the cape wondering when one of them would snap, luckily they didn’t, but they didn’t look like they were going to make it.

I had dinner at the British Beer Company on Saturday night with Mom and Dad and Uncle Paul D. It was Paul’s birthday yesterday, we had the best chocolate cake,it stood about 7 inches tall.

On Sunday my Dad and I finished stripping the roof and got both sides papered in. We watched Tara come in from the Falmouth in the Fall race. She had her best time ever for Falmouth 56:??. Way to go Tara.

Allison spent some quality time with her family and her Uncle Paul and Aunt Dot. They gave us some very nice wine glasses as an engagement gift. Thank you.