Just some random notes for Tuesday morning. I’m working from home today so I am up early. Duncan knocked the windowshade and made it fly open this morning around 5:30. So much for sleeping in a bit.

I want to congratulate my friend Patrick on his recent engagement. Patrick we are so happy for you.

I have added a few more web comics that I have been reading, namely Real Life Comics, It’s Walky and Shortpacked. Real Life Comics is basically about the cartoonist Greg Dean and his roommates and their lives. Greg recently revamped the website and added an archive to all the old comics. They are pretty funny. It’s Walky started out about some roommates and then spiraled into an epic comic about a secret governemtn alien fighting organization and it had lots of twists and turns throughout. Shortpacked started out about toy collecting and now it is about people who work in a toy store.