Turkey Day Leftovers

So this past weekend was Thanksgiving. Allison and I did a lot of holiday traveling throughout the weekend. First we went to the Cape for Thanksgiving with my family and then on Friday we headed up to New Hampshire to spend the weekend with Dan and Marcia. On Saturday Allison and Marcia went to look at dresses, there are photos but I cannot post them since I should not be seeing the dress or possible dress before the big day.

And as an update no we still do not have a firm date. While Allison and Marcia were out shopping Dan and I went and ran a few errands. We picked up some Pepsi form K-Mart because they had a great deal, 5 12 packs for $10.00. Good deal! Then we went to Dan’s Steak guy for steak tips and to his fish guy for shrimp. We had Erin and Bart over for dinner of steak tips and baked stuffed shrimp. Here are a couple of photos from the weekend. My Thanksgiving dinner and Me and Allison and Erin and Bart at Marcia and Dan’s.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Erin and Bart and us