Update on the Duncan situation

So yesterday I took Duncan to the vet. Why, because when I called the vet to relay the information I received over the weekend, “A seizure of a cat can be common”, my vet office, Foxboro Animal Hospital said, “That doesn’t sound right, bring him in.” So I did bring Duncan in, by himself. That might not sound significant but Duncan and Oliver do nothing without the other one around, so taking only one cat to the vet was a bit traumatizing for both cats. The vet did a whole checkup of Duncan and said there was nothing that he could see wrong with Duncan. But if something else happens we should bring him in for an X-ray and bloodwork. Duncan, stay healthy!

And speaking of healthy Allison went to her doctors because of the cat bite, she got a tetanus and an antibiotic shot in the butt for her troubles. Won’t stick your hand in another cats mouth again, will ya. The doctor put her on some more powerful antibiotic and drew a little line to show where the redness was on her hand because Allison needs to go back to the doctor today so she can be okayed to go on our trip on Thursday. Won’t stick your hand in another cats mouth again, will ya.

But her hand seemed better this morning so hopefully not to worry. Actually Allison should probably keep her hands away from anything with sharp teeth. Do you remember the incident with Caleb? If you recall from a post this summer Caleb is a neighbor of Allison’s parents who has sharp teeth and that is why he bit Allison.

On a serious and sad note. Please keep my sister Shelby in your prayers, a good friend of hers passed away yesterday. Thank you.