Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon

See the banner at the top of the page. That will be up till the webcomic telethon is over.

Blank Label Comics is hosting a webcomic telethon to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. It will be held the week of Sept. 12 at www.webcomictelethon.com. Actual dates are to be announced later.

As you probably know I really like web comics (See the Webtainment dropdown menu on the right) and am looking forward to what the participants are going to do for the telethon. Not sure why it is called a telethon because most donations will probably go through paypal or something like that. Oh well it is a good thing that the artists are doing. So check it out and help them raise some money for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

If you like what they are doing and want to support the red cross at www.redcross.org directly go ahead and do that.